Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Romans were dicks....

...but the Celts? Pretty cool.

My knowledge of Celtic history is limited, but I know a few things. I know, for example, that during the the 1980s B.C. (before Chicago), they struggled mightily against the water worshipping L.A. Lakers. I know that they raised a near mythical warrior, Lawrence of the Byrd who battled the water worshippers Magician, named Johnson.

For nearly a decade, the Celts and the Lake People waged war over a holy totem, the Chalice of Champions. Cities were reduced, farms destroyed, clubs pillaged in an orgy of destruction this country has yet to recover (such as Poughkeepsie).

At least, that's what I remember.

That's why I like watching History International Chanel No. 5 shows like Terry Jones' Barbarians. From him, I learn that the Romans were dicks, the Celts pretty advanced, rich and had a calculator. Ceaser, it seems, murdered two million Gauls, to settle some debts. No word if oil was involved.

Terry likes him some barbarians. Not a big fan of Rome. Still, entertaining show.

Now, he's doing a show on "germania", who, to the best of my knowledge, never played basketball.

Best line:" the border between barbarians and the civilized was not black and white, it was a gray zone." Word. I feel you.

Driving around town today, doing some light shopping and keeping an eye out for "jobs Robots could do."

I think this qualifies:

See, I've never seen something like this, people standing in sub-freezing temperatures holding signs. I pretty sure these are jobs robots could do, but what do I know?

Maybe it's a charity, of sort. Which always causes me to ask what is charity. I seem to remember something about slapping a man with a fish, or teaching him to slap someone else with a fish. Again, my meme-ory is not clear.

Perhaps the Celts would have done better.

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