Monday, January 22, 2007

The Best of the Worst....

China Rising.

It's a consistent theme, recently. China, the Rising Dragon. Got it. China, the Next Superpower. Yep. China, It's Not Just Takeout, Anymore. Sure.

So it was weird to see this Ad by Alberto VO5 cross the t.v. waves:

My wife, who grew up under the Soviet Union says it reminded her of school. Tyranny. It's the one size fits all philosophy.

(One day, I'll figure out how to embed youtube. Can't be that hard.)

So, Mark Steyn, Christopher Hitchens and a three legged midget walk into a bar.

Sorry, no punchline, on account of there's no joke (well, except the part about the three legged midget.)

Hitchens reviews Steyn's book, America Alone.

This post is about impressions.

I'm a fan of both Hitchens and Steyn. I like going over to Hitchens place, because he sets a table of the finest sacred cow. I like Steyn because his deserts seem all fluff and sweetness, but when you take a bite, you think "ah, this was the meal!!"

Hitchens reviews Steyn.

Both men come from opposite ends (by current definitions) of the Divide (TM), but are actually of the same place.

Hitchens. Atheist. Secularist. Humanist. Writer.

Steyn. Believer in Christ. Father. Populist Demographer. Writer.

Both men are most sober in thought. Both men, unfortunately, are coming closer to closer in thought.

Yeah, about the current crisis.

Hitchens, emerging from a nightmare. Steyn, peering into one.

Autocide of the "West"?

Hitchens, the optimistic pessimist and Steyn, the pessimistic optimists.

Again, this post is about impressions. Nothing to see here.

I do find it funny, however, that both of them are furry foreigners. Exiles from Commonwealth. Both men are able to see, identify and explain a problem. Eloquently.

I'll keep that in mind, tomorrow, when Chip, who collects my garbage, announces on his website his intention to run for President.

The thing I like most about my serene republic, the thing I love, is that it is an idea not bound by borders. Or birth. It is before all, about attitude.

Again, this post is about impressions.

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