Monday, February 19, 2007

....and the aftermath.

So we flew out to the gathering of the tribe, last Thursday. Got back yesterday.

Still recovering.

We left the airport and went straight to the Bachelor/Bachelorette party in progress. I'm telling you, seeing friends you haven't seen in up to two years is fantastic. We're always on the same email lists, our own Eastern Standard Tribe, of sorts, but when you're all in one room, and someone declares a general state of silliness, then you realize what it's like to be among the kidney worthy, your brothers and sisters.

The wedding we attended was a mixed marriage. Irish and English. So on the brides side, and bunch of Irish, and on the grooms, a mongrel horde of English and Americans. The rehearsal dinner took place in one of those places I'd heard of, but never entered.

One of those Private Clubs, on the seventh floor, overlooking the city, wood paneled and oil paintings dotting the wall. Wow. Some of my friends tried ordering a drink, and we were asked "who" we were with?

Um, "cash, US?" So eventually they got out the cash box, dusted it of, and served the unwashed fine scotch. The Irish and I joked about those old signs, "No Negros. No Irish. No Dogs."

We should have brought a dog.

But all in all, a nice club, great service and a good time.

The Irish are not a shy people, and I love them. And the English, and our band of brothers, all together again.

Got into a couple of small arguments, but I've learned over time that a steadfast smile and a firm shake of the head is a good way of winning. Carbon credits? Please.

Talk to someone who thought Socialism was the only humane way to govern society. Sparks. Flew.

But you know, at the end of the days, that which seperate us as individuals is not so wide as that which seperates us as societies. We know what right looks like.

So, we met new fiances, old friends, brides and brothers.

We stayed in a hotel with a bunch of Renegade Pigs, a sort of biker gang. Great folks, got an invite to their hospitality room.

Last night there, my wife and I came back, a little in the cups, her with a drink in hand, and ran into these kids coming from a Jewish wedding. I get talkative when I drink a small beer, so I chatted them up. Told them I love the Jews, and thought they often got a bad rap.

Ended up with an invitation to join their faith. Politely declined. See, I'm a slacker in my own faith, being a slacker at two faiths would just be to hard.

Need time like this. My next time away from the salt mines, I've promised my wife a trip to yellowstone.

Another great part, of one great country.

Here's a lovely Jewish lass, not at the wedding, but of the web.

Me like pretty.

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