Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Dick (back in) The Box

You know, I give the State Department alot of smack, in my offline convervsations. In a contest of muddy boots versus pin stripe suits, I tend to favor the boots.

So I was pleasantly surprised to find out today that State negotiated a deal with Kim of Korea. Finally, the Six To Party talks Bore Fruit, in a Negotiated Settlement pleasing To All Parties Involved. In short, we settled on a price we're willing to pay, and a bribe he's willing to accept.

One million tonnes of oil. (How much is that in barrels?)

So Kim of Korea is back in the box, right now, for now, and maybe we'll have a little room to maneuver, and cover our withdrawal from the Middle East.

Precedents need setting, I say.

Pity about Sadr fleeing Iraq to Iran. Now we'll have to trek to Tehran to get him to sign our instrument of surrender.

And without diplomatic relations with Moderate Regime Elements (TM), that's going to be dicey. Might have to ask the Brits for help.

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