Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Place to Shoot...

So many years, days, hours and minutes of looking I drove by this range to go shooting.

It's one of wife's secret pleasures. Me, I get enough gunplay at work, in my capacity as a rather lousy international jewel thief. Not my fault, see, on of account the alarms always go off.

My wife likes shooting so much, that I suspect she finds me a little effeminate for not having any nuclear tipped warheads around. The girl loves a bang.

So, I found this range and we'll probably go shooting this weekend.

Her shooting improved when I showed her some reflexive fire techniques. Way I see it, there's two ways to shoot. Weapon up, at the ready and steady, or weapon down, pointed towards the ground, and swung up when the target presents.

She shoots much better reflexively. When shooting handguns, then every fraction of an inch matters, even shooting over ten to twenty-five meter distances.

The more you analyze the target (non reflexively) then the more likely you are to miss.

There's a point in there, somewhere.

I took pleasure in using my QWEST service to call up COMCAST and order us up some new service. QWEST three-in-one just kept crawling up in price, month after month. Couldn't figure it all out (plenty of hidden fees there).

Got to save money. My wife and I are planning on acquiring a Landhold and staffing it with a couple of serfs (you may call them children).

It was only on my way to work this morning that I became aware of the massive conspiracy to separate me from my money. In the beginning, I thought it was just the taxman, but as the day wore on, I realized that salesmen/women, the guy who sells me gas, and the nice chap who sells me crack---they were all in on the conspiracy.

So today, I decided to fight back. Maximum service for minimal cash.

That thing Twain said, about how the older he gets, the smarter his parents become.

Yeah, wait till I quote that to our Landhold serfs.

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