Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pronoun Troubles

So, as I am want to do, I was mulling over some of the conversations I had this past weekend.

Smart, pretty chick, fiance of good, funny dude, was pressing me on the issue of Carbon Credits for the Masses or some such.

At the end, I told her my distaste wasn't for the ideas, it was for the mob that surrounded the idea. Look, every movement has a good, at least one, good idea. It all comes down to methods and implementation.

For example:

The flavour of mob running around arguing about the purity of the white race? Got it, I'm with you. In my single days, nothing was more pleasing to the eye than some tall, hot, blond Nordic chick.

For the mob wanting a Solution To Our Global Problem? Well, where ever you come down, I'm against litter in general and planetary rape and pillaging (unless we're talking bout Mars) in particular.

For the mob who says the only way to worship god is by narrowly interpreting Bob's (PBUH) word and killing the unbeliever, enslaving the fairer sex and bombing randomly throughout the world....well, I'm still working on some sort of rejoinder.

No mob starts out with a bad idea. No mob says "our belief is to test all men over the age of eighteen, daily, with a swab, for STDs (ask a guy friend)."

There's always this good idea which animates them.

Well, my problem will always be with the methods, not the idea. So, you think gays, blacks, certain jews, self loathing whites and palestinians are the cats pajamas and you only want to lynch the wealthy who won't give you money, white males in general and white male athletes in particular. So?

The problem is not who you want to lynch, but that you want to lynch.

Like Bugs Bunny said. Pronoun Troubles.

Here's a picture of a tall, hot Nordic chick:

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