Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Science fiction get's a bad rap.

You know, it's the stuff of geeks. People who dress up in Starfleet uniforms, know all the words to Star Wars XIIXLI: The Siths Buy a House and can follow the rather byzantine Battlestar Galactica.

But that's a bum rap. O.K., it's not a bum rap, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

One of those little Nintendo hand jobbies has a "mind game" cartridge, that let' you play all sorts of mental games. It's a sort of handheld gymnastics for the mind.

That's kind of how I look a scifi.

It stretches the mind, and makes you think. Science Fiction let's you look at a planet like playdough, a solar system as a battery, and a galaxy as real estate.

I've always been fascinated by megastructures. I think ninety percent of the reason I like Robotech was the fact that the Zentradi had Big Effing Ships.

I'm a fan of ringworlds, dyson spheres and whatnot. A ten kilometer ship is, for me, a pocket battleship. That's just how I roll.

Now, I realize that I'll never see these megastructures. The largest structure I'll ever see is my levi's, as my butt expands to absorb the known universe.

A least I can wonder, and exercise the old noggin, in the interim.

Megastructures on wiki.

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