Sunday, February 4, 2007

On Citizen William Arkin, and the Two Americas

My wife and I are enjoying another episode of "Rome: Season II". She maintains that the Romans were barbarians. Their loose, by our terms, attitudes towards sex, the slavery and the casual killing kind of turns her off.

She didn't like the episode a couple of weeks ago, where the Domina directed her slaves to bring Marc Antony "that German whore from the kitchen."

Me? It's all relative. The Romans were civilized, by their standards. Told her that perhaps a thousand years from now, the people of that time will look upon us as barbarians. Eating red meat and burning carbon, and all.


The only constant of civilization is the possesion and maintenance of a proper bath. That will never change.

Citizen William Arkin, of the WAPO Blog, gained a brief notoriety by pissing up the leg of his betters.

(full disclosure: I know Citizen Arkin served in the Hollow Army, 1974-78. So?)

What strikes me, from the whole self licking ice cream cone, is not the presumption of Citizen Arkin in speaking down to the Salt Workers but his presumption in speaking for All The Citizens of America (TM), or, if you prefer, The People (Registered Trademark).

Funny thing, that.

I wish the American People (C) were of one mind. But they are not. Far from it, it would seem. If they were, then the damnable treadmill that feeds the Brigades into Irak every eleven to twelve months would end.

Most Delta Charlie Polis are nothing, if not brave. They can read a poll.

If the American People (C,R,TM) were united, then they would have already chosen one of two Courses of Action (COA).

COA 1: Run

Withdraw from Irak, now. Leave the Irakis to the gently embrace of Jihad, regional powers or murderous peace processes. Declare a Phony Peace, and in arrogance, wait for the Sword of Damocles to fall on our own necks.

COA2: Fight

Recognize we have enemies who have not been polite enough to shoot at us yet. Take the enemy at his word. Play the long game. Have rough men who do violence at night visit peace upon our enemies.

Instead, Disunited America elects COA3: Muddle Through.

Citizen Arkin is correct, it is the responsibility of the American people to decide. But, that doesn't mean the Laundry workers shouldn't point out the fact that certain people are kitting about with shit stained drawers.

All part of the process.

The Brigades do their job.

When will America do its job?

Citizens, you have a pot, and two choices.

Make one.

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