Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Some days I love my job...

...and other day I really love my job. This was one of those days.

But this is not one of those posts.

I'm sure by know you've heard of the sad, strange case of Astronaut Lisa Nowak. She's being charged with attempted first degree murder in a case involving, as usual, some sort of love triangle. Seems her boyfriend on the side had a girlfriend on the side.

My dad once (embarrassingly) caught my then girlfriend and I in flagrante delicto. His one statement was brutal in it's simplicity: "if you're going to do wrong, at least be quiet about it."

I remember a spot of controversy when Jocelyn Elders, former President Clinton's Surgeon General, made a comment or two about auto-diddlation. Got fired. Should have. Gummint doesn't need to say some things, even when right, because they're next step will be to regulate it (johnny, let me see your palms....)

So when your faced with a choice of life/home/career ruin, perhaps you should do a little PDMP (Personal Decision Making Process) and wargame a couple of courses of actions:

1. Divorce.
2. Open that sucker up.
3. Auto-diddlation.

All three have pluses and minuses.

But none of them involve jail time.

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