Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The "Cheney Assasination Attempt"

Look. You roll out the gates of BAF, and you go down this road, past the "Haji" mart, travel a bit more and hit an inner cordon. There, maybe you'll see a group of Afghani's queing up for high paying jobs. Exit this, and you'll head towards the outer cordon, manned by Afghani troops. Leave this, and you're in the town of Bagram.

A town so small, they roll up the sidewalks around noon.

Today, some as*hole detonated there, and killed some innocents.

The Vice President was in as about as much danger from the "attempt" as from an asteroid impacting on his head.

Effects Based Operations.

Crudely, your Measure of Performance is what goes "boom". Measures of Effectiveness is what the boom does.

Crazy eddies MoP was to detonate a lone, deranged bomber against a hardened target of some ten to twenty thousand folks. The MoE was to cast this as an assassination attempt.

And to hear the coverage, it worked.

Goes to show, Effects (perception) can trump Performance in a permissive environment.

This global memescape is nothing if not permissive. Not because everyone wants the Man Jammie Jihadi variant of crazy eddie to win, but because many have some element of crazy eddie in him.

World we live in today. America is hated for a variety of reason. But it's laughable to see all those reasons as valid. Some people need to get over themselves, or simply depart.

I, for one, have no problem being a scion of the great satan.

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