Monday, February 5, 2007

The Big and the Small

When I was a yearling, my dad, as was his right, insisted I go to Church every Sunday. He figured he'd mind as well get his "little grocery bill" right. So, I'd go to Church, and listen to the hemming and the hawing. Missionary Baptist Churches are huge on form over substance.

So, I'd spend the time reading the Old Testament, or, as I liked to call it, the Good Stuff. Man, wars, murder, story ever told.

Then I grew up.

I remember thinking our Home Church was a bit on the largish size. There were about six hundred regular members. A few I knew. The Water Lady, whose job, and ego, seemed solely involved in bringing water to the Pastor Dias. The there was the Landscaping Guy, who Landscaped on the weekends, Saturday being the day he landscaped the Church grounds for free. Then there was the Pastor. Jerri curled and corrupt. On on day, he managed to double his Monday through Friday paycheck. Sweet gig, if you can get it, I guess.

Large. I figured, at about six hundred people, Church's should split. One group gets the church and the grounds, the other gets all the cash.

A simple idea, never implemented.

I'm amazed at all these mega churches out there. Ten thousand plus member, mega churches.

I'm blown away by the mega mosques.

Tens of thousands plus members. How does the Imam remember all those names?

LGF links to one such mega mosques, a building in Londontowne. Supposed to support seventy thousand members. Wow. Of course, the article speaks ominously of "Middle Eastern" funding. Sillies.

That's just the slow-slow of Jihad. The fast-fast blows stuff up, the slow-slow builds.

It's a Multi Compo affair :)

Reminds me of the Faisal Mosque, in Islamabad. It's built to house 100,000 worshippers.

The picture (not mine) was taken from the northern mountain ranges. As I recall, you fly south into Islamabad, and you can't help noticing the Faisal Mosque. It's otherworldly. Like an Embassy from Planet X.

You had to have been there.

Thing is, big always gives me the hives. Big Church, Big Mosque, Big Government, Big Idea..... I'm always tempted to sneak up behind them and yell "TIMBERRRRRRR!!!"

Cause you know it will.

Pride goeth, and all.

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