Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Day in the Life

So this evening, on my way home from work, I stopped at the grocery store, to pick up some munchies for dinner. There was this little kid in front of me, say about twelve or so. He asked me if I was in the Army, and on a lark, I said "yes".

Then he said, "when I grow up, can I be in the Army, and kill innocent Muslims."

To be honest, I was a bit taken aback. I responded, "Well, of course you can kill innocent Muslims."

Then I showed him my left fist (which I've nicknamed 'Crusader') and said, "sometimes I get so tired raping and pillaging Muslim lands, that I switch to this fist," and I showed him my right fist (which I've nicknamed 'Infidel').

The young tike, suitably impressed, trailed off behind his mother, whistling a jaunty martial tune.

Feeling good, I grabbed my groceries with my jaw, and dragged my knuckles out of the store, content I'd done my duty.

Of course, none of this happened. But maybe it does speak to an essential truf.

You know, whenever I come across quotes like this:

"Sunday, February 11— A room full of students listened as a US Marine told of the invasion of Baghdad and Falluja and how he killed innocent Iraqis at a check point. He called them “collateral damage” and said he had followed the “rules.”

A Muslim-American student in front of him said “I could slap you but then you would kill me.” A young female Muslim student gasped “I am a freshman; I never thought to hear of this in a class. I feel sick, like I will pass out.”

ever mind that OIF and the reduction of insurgent strongholds of Fallujah were a year apart. Listen to the reaction of the victims, the young Muslims, cringing in fear before this obviously blood soaked murderer.

What? Neither of them had heard of their local, Wahhabi approved, Muslim Student Association? But I shouldn't blame the victims (the students). I blame the victimizer (the teacher).

Stories like this litter the memesphere, and they always make me wonder.

Are they true, or are they truf?

So many people are committed to putting square pegs into round holes, that I'm forced to wonder.

Let me state, however, that I for one, welcome this New Arkin Effect. Let it out, my brothers and sisters, let it out. Embrace the inner hatred.

So I'm taking some time off, and my wife and I are flying to the wedding. Man, I can't wait to see my friends. We will be, in a word, silly.

I held to my principles, and didn't buy my love any blood roses. I mean, we're leaving tomorrow, and there would be no one at home to watch them die.

Did buy her some of that bath stuff. She liked the gift, so, I guess I'm in dutch.

Good day.

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