Sunday, February 25, 2007

Endless fascination

A couple, two three posts ago I mentioned that the GDP/NP of the U.S. was ten trillion dollars. I remember that from one of those joke email lists I'm on. Sometimes the guy sends out serious stuff.

Anyways, these notes, taken from a speech, said the U.S. economy was worth ten trillion dracma, and that this sum represented half the World National Product. Annually.

Kind of puts things in perspectives. Like when you hear that France or Germany or England as the third, forth or fifth largest economy, it's kind of like saying after Wilt Chamberlain and Napoleon Dynamite, I gets all the babes.

I think about wealth often.

I'm endlessly fascinated by things I don't have.

Like a personal spaceship. Or boobies.

The US economy is mindboggling. Of course, some misguided Americans will say this is because of the rule of law, respect for property, contractual protections and treating your population as an endlessly renewable resource of innovations and ideas. They would be wrong.

America's wealth is directly attributable to:

1. Satan.

2. The Dark Magicians of Weegum Mountain.

3. The Jews.

A War of the Lobbies rages across the memesphere. A debate on who exerts more influence on American foreign policy: the Jews or the House Saud.

I don't know. I sure Satan has subcontracted out the task of guiding American Foreign Policy, but to who?

I look at it this way. Sure the Jews and the House Saud have alot of money. But, that's like saying a guy who owns several inner city McDonalds franchises and a Trust Fund Baby, aspiring to be Paris Hilton, are both millionaires. Sure, but Franchise guy operates in a rough neighborhood. He's got salaries to pay, police to bribe and mob protection rackets to join. In short, not alot of disposable income. The Trust Fund Baby, on the other hand, just needs turn on the tap when she needs more money. She's free to indulge in all sorts of obsessions and fantasies: a sort of Surreal Life for the Nejd Set.

I'm sure we'll sort this out. I mean, I don't mind being bought, but I would appreciate knowing who's hand is doing the buying.

It's a matter of where to send the Christmas cards.

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