Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Time Lords (of management)

When you're getting dressed down, in an extraordinarily polite, excruciating painful way, you're mind tends to wander. After the first few head nods, you tend to start thinking of other things.

Least I do.

But then that's probably why I get yelled at alot. Politely.

So anyways, today I was thinking about Time Lords. Not the Dr. Who type, but someone who ought to be on every staff in every organization. A time comptroller, as it were. He the guy who holds the purse strings for non core priorities.

Let's face it, the good idea fairy flies high and far. Bosses get briefed on non-core ideas, nod, and say do it. A few weeks later, up pops another idea. Do it.

Look, I've never seen a program, once implemented, ever rescinded. Until that big boss in the sky leaves.

So here's my thinking. Time Lords. Say the boss has thirty hours a year to get in non core programs. He approves plan, after plan, after plan and eventually he's at thirty two hours. At this time, this Time Comptroller steps forward and says, "look, some of these programs have to go. Or maybe merged. Overlaps deconflicted. Let's get back to that thirty hour mark."

So the boss looks over his program. Maybe that snowshoe safety program needs to be relooked over even, that word, rescinded.

I don't know. Just seems to clear more time for those guys deep in the Salt Mines to concentrate on extracting, well, more salt.

I think.

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