Monday, February 12, 2007

Been awhile.....

Take a Saturday, start it quietly, then ram a semi, loaded with fuel and driven by a drunk smoking a cigarette, and you get something of what I went through this weekend.

On me? No. But I had to deal with the mess.

Bad decisions. We all make them. But every bad decision we make goes through numerous gates. Should I/Shouldn't I , type things. Well, now about five lives are ruined, because one kid didn't choose well.


So anyways, some quick thoughts.

I've started cross posting my toons to Comic Space. Trying out the platform. I like Webcomicnation, but CS has the advantage of being free, with an easier upload. On the other hand, CS doesn't display the most recent gallery item. A problem.

I've always believed in the separation of state and religion. Not to protect the state, but to protect the religion. Mix the two, and the more hopeful elements of religion are debased. But you know, if you want to merge religion and state, then do you have a religion, or a dressed up political philosophy? And should ones dressed up political philosophy be immune from political critic because it's a, you know, "religion".

In the immortal words of Dr. Evil, "how about Noooo."

Nice weather. I live in a good part of a great country.

Feelometer is pegging high.

More blogging later.

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