Sunday, April 29, 2007

Another county heard from

We take the simplified view that the Long Global War on Terror and Stuff is a struggle between a globalisizing west, as championed by the Merkins, and a retarded form of cave dwelling, as championed by the Salafists.

But I like keep in mind, there's that hybrid out there, sort of tripping everyone up.

From Wired's Copy Editor, Tony Long:

And in going forward there is only one solution. War itself must be made obsolete and that means eliminating the reasons men wage war: nationalism, religion, greed. But it will never happen, not in my lifetime or in yours, because that means 1.) abandoning the concept of the nation-state 2.) abolishing all religion 3.) replacing stock-market, corporate capitalism with universal socialism. It requires nothing less than a reinvention of the human condition. Imagine.

He's a Lennonist. Imagine that.

1.) abandoning the concept of the nation-state

Well, we are working on that. So far the experiment's been going gang busters in Somalia, pre-9/11 Afghanistan, Lebanon, the NWFP of Pakistan and the occasional Emirate Eruptions in the Anbar Province.

2.) abolishing all religion

Gods, large and small, abhor a vacuum. Something always slips in, as an object of worship. Gaia, anyone?

3.) replacing stock-market, corporate capitalism with universal socialism.

Socialist systems are a shared delusion. I forgot who said it, and I paraphrase, but "as long as there is one unsocialized rock, there will always be boat people." Read This Perfect Day. Operating here is the principal that man is a pain avoiding, pleasure seeking animal. I call it my People Theory of Osmosis. Folks move from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. It's the permeability of the membrane (border) that determines the flow. When folks start lining up to enter the current, extant socialist paradises, I'll give them a relook. Till then, balls.

In the great game of globalization, jihad and capitalism are not the only game in town. That compromise candidate still wants to be heard from.

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