Monday, April 2, 2007

The Hand of Bob is Against Me!!!

Now doesn't that beat all. My wife just let know that a video she likes to watch no longer works in her computer. I sighed, and tried it on my MacBook. Get this error message:

disk copy protection could not be verified

So I had her put it in the DVD player, and got this message:

Playback prohibited by area protections

Ahem. This video is was burned for us by a third party. Namely, THE GUYS WHO FILMED AND PHOTOGRAPHED OUR WEDDING!!! IT'S OUR @#$^&%$ WEDDING VIDEO.

So let me gets this straight, Mac and Sony have decided, somewhoy, that that's not authorized on these machines I seem to be renting from them. Balls. I don't need my content providers wedding my product providers. If they're going to do that, just take me out of the loop all together.

I'm, of course, going to hack this, but in the meantime, I don't what's worse...moles or the MPAA.

Both are JDAM worthy, at this point.

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