Monday, April 2, 2007

Mole War I

It's starting soon, around these parts. Our yard has started having an eruption of dirt piles. You know what that means: moles. Ugly critters:

This afternoon, I kicked over the piles, to see if they'll grow back.

If the do, then I'll know I have moles. My next steps will be:

1. Send them a strongly worded note.

2. Appeal to the Neighborhood Anti-Mole League, and have them send a strongly worded demarche.

3. Watch as my yard is destroyed.

4. JDAM those critters back to the hell wot spawned them.

One of those steps will work. I'm sure.

Maybe I should just reoder them.

My wife just pointed out the moles are blind. Well so am I (for the next eight hours or so). Maybe I should try to reach out to them?


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