Monday, April 2, 2007

Lasik or PRK?

Or, how about niether.

Went in for my preop today, and it turns out I'm in the special segment of the population for whom Lasik/PRK is not recommended. Seems, in addition to being blind as a bat, I have thin cornea.

If I have the procedure now, then thirty or fourty years down the road, my corneas will swell and my eyeballs will pop out of my head. O r something. The Doc looked like he was ready for me to blow, but I figure why waste energy on something I can't effect.

Besides, given a decade or so, they might come up with some brand new, vat grown eyes I can just pop in my head. No worries. I've got time.

UPDATE: Better. Increased the screen resolution to 800 x 600 and pushed the computer back a bit. I tell you, these vat grown eyes better come with a live feed.

So know I sit here, eyes dilated, an unable to see what I'm writing on th screen. The keys are blurry, but I remember what most of them do.

At least I can see my Must See T.V.

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