Thursday, April 5, 2007

Freedom from Work

I've got some time off from work (Vacation is Theft!!).

I've got a list of things to get done, in the next couple of weeks. Top of that is the cleaning out the garage (the boxes from the move are still in there), writing the next great american novel, loose fifty two point three pounds, climb Mount Nitaka and perfect my cold fusion recipe (which involves cereal). In between that, I'll finally get around to reading Barnett's "Blueprint for Action."

Picked it up at Borders. It was between that, this book on why geography matters or a nice graphic novel. Went with Barnett.

Doing my cover flip of the first chapter ("What the world needs now") and agreeing with a point or two.

Full disclosure. I'm a let freedom reign kind of guy, any day of the week. Arguments about "how" I engage in, arguments about "what", not so much.

Look, remember the principled or pernicious opponents to America's involvement in WWII?


Neither does history.

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