Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity"

The "white privilege" movement tickles my funny bone. It's a 360 degree response to the "white power" movement.

To wit, it's the same damn thing. Sure the details differ, but the way I end up looking at things it comes down to "well, you're born white, therefore you are:"

1. Superior and arrogant.
2. Superior and guilty.

Balls. Both movements celebrate that lazy sort of collectivism that ticks me off. Both judge people by position (how you were born) instead of accomplishment (what have you done).

Both degrade the individual.

The school district in Seattle got into a bit of a dustup about using federal funds to send students to a "White Privilege" conference in Colorado to, I assume, get their minds right:

For the 2006 conference, a paper by Tobin Miller Shearer (who is white) argued that white people could not enter the kingdom of God unless they confronted the way racism and white privilege shaped their lives and spirituality. He maintained that white people tend to be far too individualistic and need to acknowledge their membership in a group that is unavoidably racist.

Silliness abounds.

Here's to hoping White Privilege Movement is to people of palor what ebonics is to the neo-"angry black male."

Hell, here's just to hoping.

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