Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Oh lordy.

O.K., Imus was dumb. What's happening is dumber. CNN cuts away from President Bush yammering away about some war, and why we're fighting it and this generational conflict to cover down on the whole Don Imus Nappy-gate (it's not a controversy unless you can attach -gate to it).

The Rutgers Grievance Committee is on the tee vee yammering, with the Womyns basketball team present as a backdrop, about how tough society is, how people say bad things, how these are bigger issues.

Soon, a Congressional Committee will be convened to "Do Something", or a Very Special Prosecutor given super powers to "Get to the Bottom." They'll be a mandated "Two Minutes Reflection." And in the end, we'll be "stronger, and more liked by ourselves." But in the final analysis, "we are all Don Imus [ed note--I'm not]." So far we've heard from the president of Rutgers, the dood who introduced the president of Rutgers and the coach.

Stuart Smalley's revenge.

When you let's someone words have power over you, "steal your joy" then you have given them power over you.

We really need, as a nation, to toughen up and get over ourselves.

UPDATE: The players from Rutgers, particularly the team captain Essence Carter, come across as more mature, more adult, than the Sybaritic Sob Sisters Surrounding them.

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