Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Notes from a Footnote War

In Algeria, the Salafists reopen another front. Bombing kills 23, wounds 160.

I'm about seventy odd pages into Barnett's Blueprint for Action. He talks about the Leviathan and SysAdmin forces as way of addressing disaggregation across the non integrated gap, and how the Pentagon has a role in fielding and equipping those forces. Here's a thousand words on the state of the American Leviathan and SysAdmin forces today:

Kind of illustrative.

It's also why I'm hot on AFRICOM. Look at AFRICOM as a sort of proof of concept for handling emerging security threats from the hinterlands.

AFRICOM on wiki.

World Defense Review

"No better friend, no worse enemy" at the Combatant Command level. If it works.

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