Monday, April 30, 2007

The Invisible (armored) Hand

The Army Times (yeah, the Army Times. Don't worry, I snuck it out of the store between a copy of this months Playboy and Hustler) has a story (not yet online) on the new fire resistant Army Combat Uniform.

Cool. Evolution in action. My rule of thumb, if someone tells you they have the best solution, no improvement needed, instantly distrust them. It's sort of like in 2005 when the black SAPI (small arms protective insert) plates were traded out for green E-SAPI.

Here's a look at the uniform system:

(I hope no one sees a branding opportunity under the ARMY:STRONG lovemark)

The hood, as I understand it, is additional flame protection. Looks hot. Note under the vest (back picture) and you'll see additional kidney protection

I'm not trying to hate, but it looks like PEO is becoming more and more receptive to private market initiatives. Like Crye Precision:

Often times, some things make sense. Just takes folks awhile to get there.

And here's a picture of Dina Meyers, to round out this Starship Trooperish post:

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