Sunday, April 8, 2007

Things take time

A buddy of mine and I are always on the opposite side of things, from Acting Now To Stopping the Warrings, Global Changings, Europassion-fruits and who looks better working out, Jessica Biel or Kate Beckinsale.

We tend to wind up on the same email chains, and this latest was asking our opinions on biodesiel as an alt-fuel.

I said:

Read the article on algae, but let me propose this: we're talking about burning old carbon (oil) versus new carbon (the alt-fuels). Now earth pumps out something like 44 terrawats in heat energy, the sun an effective D-Cell battery, and pebble nuclear reactors are a good alternative for powering cities, etc. We need efficient ways to harness and store this energy (gimme some room temprature superconductors!!). We mandate ethanol/bio desiel we're just going to substitute big oil (dug up from dangerous sands) to big corn (dug out of peoples mouths).

And he responds:

I prefer all-electric over biofuels. In terms of generating the electricity - I prefer nuclear for the time being while pushing for better efficiencies & methods in production/consumption.

Looks like nukes are a winner.

I'll let you decide on Biel v. Beckinsale.

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