Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I love the genus

We took our dog to the vet yesterday, for his check. An earnest young vet checked Louis out, gave him some boosters and recommended some worming medication.

When we left, my wife commented that she thought he was gay. I asked why, because of his earring? She said no, because of the way he talked. I laughed. I told her that no, he probably wasn't gay. He was probably a hippie.

Now I use hippie in a non pejorative catch all for the genus. When I say hippie, people often often think of the free range version, the rootless one who drifts through college classes, gathers in drum circles and abhors the waters.

But there's also the adult version, the one that actually makes up the dominant culture. I use hippies, because no one would know what the hell I was talking about if I called them bobos.

I love observing and watching the genus Hippie Americanus. Despite their talk, they're generally capitalist to the core, in a way your average Hippie Europa would find odd.

Ben and Jerry are multimillionaires.

Another case in point, the lovely couple behind the backwardbush clock.

On buzz alone, they've sold 100,000 clocks at nine bucks a piece. They got a mention by SEN Obama, and now a Jeannie Moos piece on CNN. Print cash.

These to are going to hit a million dollars, easy, by identifying a need and producing a product to fill that need.

I love America.

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