Saturday, March 17, 2007

Beyond Fisking

DbD cartoonist Chris Muir went to Iraq. I finally found his report, and some of the each's of the how and why he went to Iraq.

But man, it was boring. This guy drives around on patrols, up Mosul way, and doesn't get shot at, RPGed, IEDed, or chase terrorists or come face to face with Osama Bin Laden in classic cage death match where two men enter, and only one survives:

Anyhow, I went on patrols most every day, with 1-9 Cav, and 2-7 Cav, respectively. The MSM had geared me up to expect RPGs flitting about like ginormous mosquitos, but I gotta tell ya, I couldn't draw a single shot while I was there. The troops wanted me to hang around, as I had 'Jesus Fire' about me, etc.

In other words, he offers another perspective on Iraq. Bad. In places, yes. But strum und drang? Hardly. It's kind of like when you hear those reports about "the whole world" hating American, you kind of just nod, and say whatever.

I look forward to his cartoon characters going to Iraq. It'll open up another information stream.

Chris went as part of Bill Roggio's not for profit, Public Multimedia, Inc. PMI raises money to send people over to (for know) Iraq, to walk about, look around and report back. Adding to the pool of blogger/writers like Michael J. Totten and Michael Yon.

The ultimate demonstration of the MSMs credibility gap is not the fisking of badly written articles, the growth of blogs and the establishment of wholly online media sources, from PJM, to Huffington Post to IraqSlogger to Instapundit to LGF and Daily Kos.

The ultimate demonstration is folks getting up, walking over there, and seeing for themselves.

For a long time, someone's been peeing in our collective data pool. The push back proceeds apace.

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