Thursday, March 15, 2007

They are really manipulating people's minds

My wife skyped her mom, today. She tell's me about the "fight" she had with her.

Her mom gets her news from local Latvian sources. She hears that Merkin Soldiers are in Afghanistan, getting high and abusing the locals. Or something. Anyways, she starts bashing U.S. Imperial Forces, and my wife, who I've mentioned is a bit to the right of me, starts going to town on her:

"Listen more to those communists and you will really know what's going on!!"

Well, her mom eventually changed subjects, and they moved on to other topics.

Funny thing, perceptions. If someone keeps telling you it's hot outside, eventually you start believing them.

Counter Perception Operations will go a long way towards mitigating that effect.

Nice to see, via wretchard, that MNC-I is jumping on the youtube bandwagon. Next up, "The Myspace Wars?"

See, eventually you got to go where the people are, in order to shape effects. Today, the Sunday Morning Talk Circuit commands fewer iBalls. "Sixty Minutes", the once all powerful talkmagazine, barely registers in the memesphere.

Powers shift. Influence wanes. New masters arise.

I wonder what they'll look like.

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