Friday, March 23, 2007

Declare Victory and Go Home (For the Weekend)

It seems to me like the House of Representatives has backed itself into a corner, shot itself in the foot, and yelled "we got you surrounded!!!"

Try as I might, I can't see how this will matter. Look, the House of Representatives is part of the process, not the end. See, they pass a bill that says "Feces doesn't stink." Well, now the Senates got to get in on the action and pass a bill that says "Feces is a little unsettling." Then they have to get together and work out a compromise. This bill then gets sent to the Executive, who will likely Veto it, and neither House is able to muster a Veto proof passage of the, let's say, Feces 2007 Out 'O Irak By 2008 Bill. So it dies.

That's How Things Work.

So I can't figure out the intent of the House in voting for this particular bill. Is it to satisfy a base of activists, who, if they tried, couldn't get elected "World's Best Dad" by their own children? Probably. Look, I don't think the House is full off loons. They're regular, down to earth free spending, power mad demigods fighting over tiny little fiefs. Salt of the earth, really. But they're need to privilege a loopy base is driving them apart. Think Critter Obey.

It's definitely a headline generator. It's spun as "bold", "decisive" and "in your face."


As a measure of performance, it's pretty weak. As measure of effectiveness, the bill will never be felt.

Passing the bill is like kissing your cousin and expecting grand kids. Doesn't happen.

File this under "Whatevs."

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