Sunday, March 18, 2007

First things first...

A good companion piece to "The 300" is the History Channels "Last Stand of the 300."

My wife and I watched it last night. Pretty good, considering. The wife was a bit surprised that the Spartans could be, well, dicks. Told her to consider, this was some twenty five hundred years ago, when the virus of individual freedom was just kicking off. Things like this take time.

Seems "The 300" passed the 100 million dollar mark. Not surprising. You just have to peek at the black market, and see what people are trying to "acquire." The numbers of leechers have gone down, on "the 300" torrent, largely because all the torrents out there are bogus. Last time I saw something like this, was when HBO flustered torrentdom by seeding bogus copies of "Rome."

Funny that.

Me, I can wait for the DVD. But it's funny that desire has well outstripped the ability to deliver. That's how you get black markets, in the first place.

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