Thursday, March 29, 2007

Loosiana: It blows

So today I went to a trial. The individual concerned stood accused of low crimes and misbehaving. In the course of the trial, I got to speak with some of the witnesses.

One of them mentioned, unrelated to the trial, that Loosiana, a state recently in the noos for some weather bother, followed the Code Napoleon.

Oh, I mentioned, that's why they suck.

See, there are two codes that animate western thought. English Common Law and the Code Napoleon. ECL evolves, looks at precedents, and changes over time. The NC (PBUH) is final, codified and good for all time.

Countries that follow ECL grow and develop. Countries that follow NC, generally, suck.

Loosiana. Originally the intent wast to buy the land. Instead, we wound up with the people and a Napoleonic Code, that persists to this day.

Which is probably why Mississippi recovered a hella lot quicker than Loosiana, after hurricane Katrina.

I'm just saying.

Opinions may differ. Means testing does not.

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