Thursday, March 1, 2007

Bits and Pieces...

So today I was informed that I'm being looked at for Adult Continuing Education. Sweet. Lazing on the Government's Dime has always been a goal of mine. But that comes later.

So MG Weightman has been relieved, as Commander of WRAMC. In connection with the whole WAPO articles. Accelerating Change.

I was talking to my subaltern, today. Told him AQAM/Crazy Eddie had a Navy (USS Cole attack), and Air Force(9-11) and ground forces (damn near everywhere). Told him that the AQAM/Crazy Eddie had mastered Joint/Coalition Operations, and were working on Interagency Operations. He was sane enough to say, "well, that seems like a stretch."

So I hit him with this.

The Measure of Performance (the Bang) may be laughable. Crazy Eddie with a Navy, Air Force and an Army? Ha, ha.

So I challenged him to look at it from the perspective of the Measure of Effectiveness (what the Bang does).

Purpose of Navy/Air Power/Ground is to deny access. Crazy Eddies MoPs may be hijackers and dingy riding bombers may look laughable as a MoP, but as an MoE, they've managed to incluence the way we do business. They've had an effect.

Get caught up in the MoP, and it becomes a numbers games. "X" number of battlegroups versus Bob in a Dinghy.

I think the MoE tells a more complete story. Crazy Eddie wants us to deny us access, cut our connectivity, and force a retreat.

One love.

I'd think when his battle staffs meet in hiding, they've got to be pretty impressed by their own MoE.

I am.

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