Saturday, March 10, 2007

Tooning In

While digging through cartoon brew, I followed a link out to this worth 1000 contest where you photoshop cartoon characters into famous paintings. Great stuff.

My personal favourite:

I have a hard time drawing women. My dirty little secret is that I do not sketch my drawings. I just put pen to paper and draw. With dudes and gidgets, that's not to tough. And arm here, a leg there.

The female form is delightfully more complex. Boobies, backsides, thighs and heels high have to be proportion, or the effect is just wrong. So in my copious spare time, I like to pull out a book I actually sketch in, and draw women.

I steal shamelessly from Pinup Toons for my models.

Sorry, dude, but your stuff is just to good.

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