Thursday, March 29, 2007

My wife supports the trupes

So my life partner/spouse/bounding buddy (ne: wife) gets a cold call from someone, asking her to fork over seventy dracma in support of Vietnam Vets.

Blood thirsty murderess she is, she told them that she supports the trupes. Those currently serving in Iraq.

Got me thinking. As a class, the vets of vietnam were demonized, spit upon and broken. Now, as a class, they are presented as objects of pity, worthy of support (dracma$).

Man, I can't see any trupe today, desiring their lot.

Anyways, Defense Tech covers down on a new report from Irak, by Two Banger Barry.

Key graft:

We will also produce another generation of soldiers who lack confidence in their American politicians, the media, and their own senior military leadership.


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