Friday, March 16, 2007

Four out of Five People Agree!

I suck.

Actually, that's not accurate. I still haven't heard back from the fifth. So it could even be unanimous. I've been submitting submission to the submittee's of late, and receiving in return, rejection letters.

The last one I actually liked, because she at least took the time to log on and look around. So I've received six rejections in two different fields in the last four months.

And I'm cool with that. Motivated, actually.

Just like pain lets you know your alive, rejection let's you know you're trying. I often say that COL Sanders was in his fifties, before he learned how to fry chicken. That day to give up, in any endeavour, is the day after you die.

I also believe it's impossible to spread yourself too thin. Unless, of course, you're on a spaceship accelerating at fifty G's when the gravity field fails. Paste city.

So I'm expanding the list of things I do. In order:

1. Good hubby.

2. Get better at day job (which involves depriving little children of candy)

3. Continue writing and illustrating "Most Serene Republic." I like the toon, and it likes me. Plus, I get to expunge my inner demons without the bimonthly visit to the witchdoctor who drills holds in my head to "let out the foreign demons out."

4. Finish Project X, so I can start competing for rejection letters in a third field.

5. Start Project Y, which will be a three panel, semi regularly published webtoon that will let me look at some issues that don't necessarily fit MSR.

6. Oh yeah. Blog.

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