Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rules, Britannia.....

So, between blowing stuff up and beating people up, I listen to the noos.

Fifteen Brit sailors were taken by the Most Deranged Republic of Persia.

Tony Blair, prima inter pares of Brit legislators is so mad, that he's referred the whole mess to the United Nations, a sort of talk shop where nothing seems to happen. It's the How Stuff Works, in these modern times. And old and stately matron, declining gracefully, is faced by the Paris Hilton of international relations. Persia decays from inherited wealth (oil) and assumes the rules no longer apply to her ("geneva convention: now improved for troop protections!!"TM)

O.K. Good luck with that.

I've mentioned before, somewhere on this blog, that my cultural programming is slightly off. Me, I'd be designating fifteen high value targets in Persia (like that coastal Nuclear Power plant they don't seem to be using...Bruce's Hair, or something), and steaming my little Ark Royal Jump Jet carrier around to start attriting those targets.

I realize that war is not the answer (what's the question?), but that would just be me. Of course, the Persians would respond with attacks in Basra, activation of Militant Activists (TM) cells in Country X, and whatnot, but

At least there's a conclusion.

Instead, Britain will telegraph further weakness by pitching the ball of responsibility to the high panjandrum's of international relations. And the Persian Mullah's will strengthen.

I'm not a Baby Boomer, so I do believe actions have consequences.

Blair, who's turning into my next Schroeder, will disappoint. Soft power? In reality, no power.

But we'll see.

Grab some popcorn. This will be interesting to watch.

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