Monday, March 5, 2007

Maybe I'm Ann Coulter in Drag

Awhile back, when wassisname made his "faggot" comment about wasshisface, I had this to say:

So a guy I never heard of, on a show I've never watched, is entering therapy for calling a castmate a faggot. Man, that's wrong. Here's my take on the subject: "Dude, you're a faggot." "Look man, go fuck yourself. Or better yet, I'll do it to you. Bitch." Crude? Yes, but effective. Instead, we have this self exposed idjiot going into therapy. Getting his mind right, no doubt, on his failure to communicate (too much). And the victim, he makes the talk show tour.

My offense was not the idjiot and his word, but the whole "rehab" process that followed. Then along comes Ann Coulter, who makes pretty much the same observation. Full disclosure: I'm not an AnnFan. Never have read her books. I'd rather curl up with a good solid book, like Robert K. Masse's Dreadnought (current read) and a bottle of 20/20 Mad Dog.

I can't help the feeling that my language is slipping, and being massaged into something it is not. Up is down, right is left, sort of thing.

So, in my mind, it's funny that Ms. Coulter is catching so much flack for an observation that is obvious.

Faggot and Nigger have become words possessed, by the group they were originally aimed at, and less pejorative. Words you can use if gay, or black. If you're outside those groups, then the words are verboten, and beyond the pale. Coulter lives in Greenwich Village, for Managements sakes!!! She pushes bounds in a way natural to her environment. Hell, CNN didn't even use the dreaded bleep button when covering the story. Maccaca!

Bah. Onto something else.

Dennis Kucinich, IMHO, holds some rather loopy opinions. I think his Department of Peace Initiative is, well, D.O.P.I.

That said, I take my hat off to him, with regards to his taste in reds:

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