Saturday, March 24, 2007



The National Review Online is increasingly turning into a blog collective that publishes a magazine. I've never held an NR on Paper in my hot little hands, but I have consumed reams of digital content. How they make money from that is their challenge, not mine.

But the NRO has recently started a NAWB: Not another War Blog.

It's called the Tank. And the reason I like it is because it's not another "All Irak, All the Time", blog.

The Tank looks beyond the current "quicksandy quagmire" and reaches out for the rope. Which is what you have to do if you want to win the war of ideas.

Specifically, Africa.

Seems Kip Ward, an Army four banger, is poised to take over the new AFRICOM. He did time as the USAREUR deputy commander, made a sojourn to Israel as an advisor in the Palestinian Moveable Feast, and went back to Europe, currently serving as the Deputy Commander Four Banger for EUCOM, the Damn Merkin european (read NATO) occupation force in Stuttgart, Germany. Good stuff, that.

Africa is in play, in the GWOI (Global War of Ideas).

Hope we can help.

Even better, is a Tank piece on "Why Africa?" Seems they've got some ideophiles posting there.

In the words of Borat, "I laaake."

Check it out. Enjoy.

Soon, this mwanamume juu ndege. Digital content will be all I have.

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