Saturday, March 31, 2007

I'm going to run out of (HD) space.

My wife likes that Ray Romano show, "Everybody Loves Repeats." Me, I generally don't watch Tee Vee unless there's some compelling geostrategic reason. Or South Park. Or boobies.

Right now, we get our enter/infotainment from Comcast, Netflicks and the Web. Occasionally, we'll go to a theatre, and watch something we both want to see.

Last night we watched Superman Returns from Netflix. Monday, I'll stop by a maildrop, and make sure he does. The movie sucked.

So IBM, the company that brought us.....,um, punch cards, is developing a 160GB optical chipset. Which means, we'll be able to download movies in about one second, an almost acceptable rate of speed.

With HD movies bloating to about 30-40 GB, that means we're pretty tapped out after d/ling and having a look.

Probably someone like Netflix will get bought out by Comcast and go digital at that point.

Lord knows, I won't be able to store that much data, not on my budget.

No sir.

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