Saturday, March 10, 2007

International Man of Mystery Part II

A few post back, I mentioned that I'd had the pleasure of being photographed with the High Panjandrum's of War and State.

Now, I can add to that list, in a way that would make Nigel Powers proud. Take a bow, Nigel:

Today, I can announce that I've been photographed with not one, but two Playboy cover models:

Candice Michelle and Ashley Massaro

(Of course, like the Panjandrums, they're both short. Or am I just tall?)

Of course, this sets up an interesting conundrum. If invited to a State Dinner honoring the Grand Visar of Upper Lower Wassabi while at the same time holding an invitation to the Grotto, which one do the wife and I attend?

I'll figure it out while watching "The 300," today.

Life is about choice.

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