Monday, March 12, 2007

N-Word on the S-show as shown on T.V.-word

South Park may not be your cup of tea, but I loved that last episode (if you missed it, too bad). Made me laugh.

Ha ha ha ha. O.K., O.K., Al Sharptons aside, turns out a bunch of the kids at work went to see "The 300." A few of them were even let out of work early, to see the midnight show.

Got into a discussion with a near peer competitor, and it centered around the role of the Hunchback in "The 300." Dood thought the Hunchback got short shrift (sic?). Me? Well, I figured Leonidas gave him a fair offer, commensurate with his abilities. Not the fault of the King that the hunchback rejected the offer, and turned (spoiler alert!) traitor.

Look, if I tried out as a center for an NBA team and was turned down, it wouldn't be because of who I am, but probably because I suck at B-Ball.

Just the way it is.

Put another way, in my Most Serene Republic, it's wrong to hold people down. It's equally wrong to prop people up.

Something about unintended consequences.

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