Sunday, March 11, 2007


So what's the Most Serene Republic, the webtoon above, all about? Thought I'd sketch that out, here, for you, gentle reader.

The MSR is locality independent, and more a state of (my deranged) mind. In time, it takes place somewhere upstream from now, but my reckoning, at least seven minutes from now. Less about where we are, and more about where we might be going. As I see things.

I was ripping off Ray Kurzweil before I knew who Ray Kurzweil was. I'm that good a thief.

Kurzweil talks alot about our biocentric, or as the Lifeboat Foundation might put it, nanobiological future. Which works for me. In college I studied (in addition to the Karma Sutra) the biological sciences.

So you have my main, bubbleheaded characters. Gidgets. Or, genetic widgets. People. Those tubes sticking out of there head, well, in my shorthand, a sort of EVDO card.

That's these guys below:

Of course, you have the female variant. They have two EVDO cards. Women are better at multitasking. When I want a stronger, role model womyn, I draw her taller. With bigger boobies. And a gun.

After that are the War Doods. Keeper is one of them. I haven't figured out if he's a robot, or a cyborg. He is beginning to replace the "Roman" soldier I started out with. I like keeper better. Here's the variant as he looks know. I'm not a big fan of this variant, and will probably change him.

Here are some rougher sketchs of Keeper. I like these better. We'll see.

Then there's my technikals. Gummint types. The cynics. These guys show up every once and awhile.

Then there are the recurring symbols. The "peace" symbol. The fishhook and the pen. A gun. A bomb. And a nuclear warhead tipped spear. Which is not a very practical weapon, unless you can run very fast. But hey, life's about options.

I didn't scan up a copy of my Crazy Eddies/Man Jammie Jihadi's. You can find them, and some of my other drawings over at my Comicspace hangout.

Ultimately, MSR is about a bunch of war doods standing bodily between the gidgets he loves and crazy eddie.

In other words, it's fantasy.

'Cause stuff like that never happens in the real world.

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