Sunday, March 4, 2007

Domhnach na Fola

How do you say that in Ebonics?

Look, for my money, Eyes on the Prize is the best tome covering down on the Civil Rights Movement, here in the U.S. of A.

Maybe my memories failing me, but I don't remember the Selma to Montgomery marches being referred to as Bloody Sunday.

If you know one Irishman, then you know about Bloody Sunday. You know to let them talk about it, and whatever opinions you have about the English, you keep to yourself, nod and take a sip on your Vodka Sprite.

Bloody Sunday is a brand, with a U2 Song.

How it got applied to the StM March I'll never know. I will say someone at Wikipedia is johnny on the spot about making sure it sticks.

BS, The StM Cut, atractted two presidential Candidates and a bunch of Newsbots. It was, in short, an Event.

I wonder what the intended Effect is?

On this same day, I get the news that Bruce Gordon resigned as the Head of the NAACP (quick Turing Test. If you're black, you say N Double A CP; if white, you say N...A..A..C..P. Never have figured that out).

That actually surprised me. I didn't know that Bruce Gordon, who is black, was the President of the NAACP.

This blogger, who is black, read the NYT artcile linked above, and thinks he's teased out the reasons why:

"Mr. Gordon was a creature of the corporate boardroom..."

CODE: He did stuff.

“We want it to be a social justice organization; he wanted it to be more of a social service organization,” said Julian Bond, the chairman of the N.A.A.C.P. board.

CODE: We just want to say stuff.

“On a day when you had so many positive signs that there was new life in the civil rights movement, to hear of Bruce’s departure is surprising and shocking,” said Donna Brazile, a Democratic strategist who is black. “We all pray that the N.A.A.C.P. is able to recover and regroup.”

CODE: My name is bennet, and I ain't innit.

From the start, there were questions about whether he was a good fit for the organization. Since its founding in 1909, it had been led by lawyers, ministers and, in Mr. Mfume’s case, a politician, with backgrounds in the civil rights struggle.

CODE: Don't talk to us about accountability. We stir up the passions and skim off the cream. Praise God and pass the checkbook.

Seems Mr. Gordon's chief sin was in wanting to provide social services (CODE: Do stuff) vice social justice (CODE: Say stuff).

If there's one resource on this planet I'll concede is finite, then it's "power." As power devolves to individuals, then those invested in the current structures (NAACP, Greens, UN, etc) feel a need shore up their "base." Who gets rolled in the process is of little account.

Still teasing that theory out, but I will say this about our current crop of Power Elites: these folks have issues.

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