Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The kind of thing that makes my day...

So we're starting to find seas on Titan. Nice big ones, sort of the size of our great lakes. Of course, they're likely filled with a methane/ethane brew (with its dark, aromatic flavour and piquant taste).

When I was growing up, one of the greatest controversies our Science Guys had difficulty achieving consensus on was the existence of life outside of America.

Since then, our merchant vessels have travelled to western and eastern asia. They've been to afrika, and spied natives on the continent of austral-asia. We've established missions to the european tribes, encountered the han expanse (cute little capitalist masquerading as communists) and hunted the fierce koala doom beast with the austral-asians.

There are wonders in this world.

Now we've sent our rocket planes past the man on the moon, and spied ice flows on Mars Home. And today, we know that fluid flows on Titan.

It really is an interesting universe, if you're inclined to get up, and look around a bit.

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